Male Confidence Meets Female Resistance

male-confidence-meets-female-resistanceWomen need confident men.

The reason why.

Men Attract, Women Resist.

And they both know that.

There is a polarity issue there that needs to be overcome.

Initially, it’s accomplished by a confident-competent man!

A man can avoid being rejected by having confidence in his own ability to advance and sustain the relationship through his decisive actions that are based on the emotions that he is currently feeling for the woman.

Once she knows how you feel, she will begin testing your confidence, ability and courage to do whatever it is you want to do with her.

When you meet a girl, you need to be interested in her for more than just her body. And you must stay calm.

If she’s your goal, she’ll become attracted to you as you calmly pass her resistance tests.

You found her. Now she intends to find you!

Probably the biggest reason why women want a man “to just be himself,” is because attracting a woman is not about anything fake. It’s not about pick-up lines. It’s about you! And how she relates to you.

You’ll be tested by her to reveal your confidence, patience, emotional calmness, ability, courage, assertiveness, persistence, aggression, playfulness, your vision of the future, how you control your social environment, and if you are happy where you are in your life.

If you have a reasonable grasp on most of these characteristics, you should do alright.

So let’s begin.

Women like taking small steps that lead to bigger steps.

You must be patient and take small steps toward getting her warmed up for what you have planned.

If you concentrate on being up front with your intentions and making small moves and offers that lead to bigger moves and offers. Her receptivity to your escalating moves and offers will give you all the clues you need to know about her level of arousal and her willingness to progress to the next level with you.

If she’s ready, you’ll need to have the courage to take her to the next level.

Unfortunately for her, weak dudes make the mistake of trying to lead her to the next level with a weak attempt, such as; “You could stay the night if you want to.” This shows her his lack of knowledge about her level of arousal and the feelings she has for him, and it indicates his lack of arousal and feelings. So now he has to wait around to get her approval. His approach to the interaction is emotionally weak, so he simply disqualifies himself from having a good night with her, because he won’t ask for what they both want.

Deep inside she wants to be with him, and that’s about as deep inside her as he’s going to get.

Women will reject a man that would rather not display dominant alpha male characteristics. Nice guys always seem to need approval before making a move. That is LAME! He’ll be rejected as a potential mate because he constantly seeks her approval instead of just making solid actionable decisions that are based on information she’s been giving him.

If she says no, then so be it. But, a man has to at least have the courage to try!

The Chase Flip

Let’s look at a strong example of exploiting the read. You kiss her then lean back to look into her eyes while saying, “If you knew what I want to do to you right now.” She’ll ask, “What do you want to do to me?” You take her and gently push her up against a wall, grab her hands and lift them over her head while you kiss her passionately and press your body against hers. Then slowly run your hands down her arms and the sides of her chest, then turn and walk away.

All of a sudden you are the one resisting her by walking away, and now she’s forced to take action. You’re making her chase you to get more of what you’ve got for her. Your action aroused her, then you take it away, and now her action must pull you in. Voila!

If she wants more, confidently tell her, “Stay with me tonight baby, I don’t want you to go.” This shows her that you have powerful feelings for her and that you are aware of her level of arousal, and you let her know that the feelings that she’s holding deep inside are mutually held. So you just had to let her know you want her to stay.

Give her small samples of your plans for her and she’ll feel the powerful emotions you have for her.

It’s not just what you say to her and what you want to do with her, it’s how you feel about what you say to her and want to do with her. As soon as you know that she feels the same way, you need to have the courage to do something about that!

Some women don’t know how they should feel about getting sexual with a man. If you are calm and relaxed about it, she’ll feel that way also. If you’re feeling super aroused, and she’s mirroring that! She’s ready to decide to stay?

All your confidence, courage, and leadership potential, is nothing without clear and deliberate action.

Let her know you want her to stay! If she’s turned on, you’ll both be glad she did!

She could still say “no”, and she has the right to do that, and a man should respect that. But for now at least, she knows how you feel about her, and how strong those feelings are for her. That is amazingly seductive to women. The next time you meet up with her could be spectacular! Some women won’t do one night stands. So give her something to think about. Second night stands can be good too!

A word on playing nice with others.

There are times when we all need to know when to back off. I certainly don’t condone abusing women, or forcing anything on them that they don’t want. Creating attraction is the mature way to win her affection.

Mixed Signals

Girls and guys both send out mixed signals. We both play the take away game.

When a guy sends out mixed signals, it’s to attract her. He’ll get her going sexually, then walk away.

When a girl sends out mixed signals, it’s to resist him. She’ll fail to acknowledge something you did, or pretend like she’s not pleased with something, or just not impressed. She needs to see if he gets all emotional or stays calm.

Just keep doing what you want to do. And she’ll be a little more attracted.

Be Direct With Her.

Let her know you’re interested in her as more than just a friend.

Reveal the emotions you have for her.

Don’t be ashamed of your feelings!

It’s not just what you say to her, it’s how you feel about what you say to her.

Bad boys are attractive to women because they let their emotions guide their actions.

Some guys are always walking on eggshells around women.

Don’t get all hung up on what she might or might not do.

Just say what you want to say to her, and do what you want to do with her!

You can only control your actions, not her reactions.

So focus on what you can control.

Girl Game.

Masculine energy is supposed to be the active energy in a relationship, I’ll grant you that.

You should expect the man to initiate, most of the time. Although, aroused girls do initiate!

Girl Game is all about looking good, staying fit, being open, available, responsive, reacting, reciprocating interest, caring, trusting, accepting, rejection, resistance, saying no, finding fault and competence in a male prospect, letting his emotions guide your actions, and loving.

A girl’s feminine energy is the responsive energy and it is very powerful even though to girls, it’s no big deal.

Men really like it! Well most of it anyway. We like the good looking, fit, open, interested, caring, trusting, accepting, positively responding, loving and being available parts. We usually have problems with the negative reacting, resisting, rejecting, saying no and finding fault parts.

Resistance is the active part of girl game.

Learn to welcome female resistance. Without her resistance you can’t show her your abilities to get what you want. You’ll notice some women cringe when they give you resistance. I know I have. They don’t always like doing it!

But they do it to see what kind of man you are. To see if you’ll calmly and competently just keep focused on doing whatever you want to do with her, even with the added pressure of her giving you some resistance or mixed signals. Do that and she will definitely want to know more about you! Why?

Because you’ve proven that your confidence is based on competence. That you are an alpha male who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it!

You don’t get all nervous and start apologizing for what you’re feeling and doing, like an emotionally weak beta male would do. You do what you want to do. And you’re cool with that!

Her resistance gives you the opportunity to display the qualities and competencies that make you such a confident man. By offering this proof about who you are, you’ll peak her interest in you and she’ll start chasing you!

The pull of attraction and the push of resistance is completely normal and has to happen between a man and a woman. That is what “The Game” is all about!

Pulling/attracting takes some skill because you need to really be in touch with what you feel about women and what you feel for this particular girl.

Pushing/resisting takes some skill for the girl to do without causing offense. This may surprise you, but most women don’t always like to resist a potentially high quality man. But, she has to!

The tension caused by the pull and the push will bring the two of you together. She knows how difficult this is for you, and when you just handle it with no problem, then she’ll know you are unique among men. And she is right!

Don’t be offended, she’s giving you the rare opportunity to prove how masterfully you handle things. And when you do, she’ll be more attracted to you. So just be yourself, keep your eyes on the prize, and know you’ve got this!

Resistance and Attraction – Role Reversal Loop.

When you break rapport or walk away, you’re playing the resistance game. When she shows interest and chases you, she’s playing the attraction game. This completes the loop that starts with male attraction and female resistance.

Man accepts girl, girl accepts man.

Connection made!

Make it fun.

You will find that the polarity between attraction and resistance will always be there between you and your girl. So if you want her to keep thinking of you as her attractive man, you’ll be playing this game for the rest of your life.

So keep it fun.

Girl game is very important. Resistance (101)

So why are most guys not players in the resistance part of “the game”?

Because, they think resistance is a sign that she’s rejecting them.

But, here’s the real point of it all, true confidence comes from a sense of competence.

So she has to test that male confidence. Plain and simple.

She’s not being mean, she resists to see how he handles the pressure.

How else will she know that his confidence is based on something real?

Hot Guy (101)

Being confident makes you the hot guy every woman wants.

You will be desired by women just like hot girls are desired by men.

But, women can’t see your hotness, like we can see theirs.

Hot Guy (201)

You have to be strong and stable enough to let her go in and find it!

We both probe each other, just in different ways.

You let her in, she lets you in.

Yes, it’s that important!

Attraction vs. Resistance.

It’s not a battle. It’s just simply a polarity issue.

Masculine Dominance Meets Feminine Submissiveness.

The give and take creates the attraction and connection between the man and the woman.

At times the polarity can temporarily turn into feminine dominance and male submissiveness.

She’ll display her confidence now and then, by taking the lead on occasion.

Women know that being sexually assertive is sexy.

She wants to feel sexy by acting sexy.

She can be passively sexy looking, and also, assertively seductive. That way she gets to experience being physically attractive and sexually dominant. That is very sexy to women!

Most men can be sexually dominant. But, being physically attractive isn’t a huge concern for most guys. Because women really aren’t turned on by a man’s body, like women’s bodies turn us on.

On Being a Sexy Gentleman.

Now here’s the really tough part for me as a man. And that is having patience!

When I first meet a girl, I’ve found that the only way I can talk with women I like, without coming off as a total sex maniac, is to patiently open her with mostly platonic (non-sexual) conversation. Just talk about what she’s doing, what she’s wearing, stuff like that. Touch her with a handshake (non-sexual touching). And as the conversation progresses I spice it up by mentioning something sexy, and to accentuate something I said, I’ll touch her in increasingly sexually charged ways.

Surely if she’s enjoying being with a man that’s interested in her and is not afraid to be a man in her presence, and I’m escalating toward having sex, she’ll interact with me on that level. If it makes her feel connected and wanted when I touch her, she’ll let me know by mirroring what I’m doing to her. I rub her leg, she rubs mine.

Patience is a virtue! And it is attractive!

Turning Her On.

Something most guys don’t know is that girls who like you, might never sleep with you. But a girl who is turned on by you will try to get you into bed with almost no further effort on your part. She doesn’t have to like you, to want to have sex with you. But if she’s turned on, and chasing you, it’s easy to get her into bed.

Most of the problems women have with men is when the man is incapable of turning them on. If I find there are roadblocks to me turning a woman on, I’m introducing myself to the next girl. Why waste my valuable time. There has to be good things happening for me to stay with her.

She gets turned on, good! She doesn’t. Oh well. Gotta move on!

Well, I’m certain that you found some helpful tips in this article.

Put them into action, it’ll change the way women see you and react to you.

So don’t just sit there feeling better about yourself.

Get out there are start dating hotter women.


This article is intended to be applicable to men and women.

So girls, you are acting naturally when you resist men.

This article explains to men what resistance is and what it isn’t. And how to deal with it like a man.

Resistance is not rejection.

Men have to see things to be aroused. Women have to know things to be aroused. Generally, that’s just the way it is.

As you have seen though, occasionally guys have to take a gamble on resisting girls, and we too risk losing.

So Cheers to you girls. Keep playing your part.

The more guys and girls this article reaches, the better.

So tell your friends.

We all need an overview of the male – female interaction (“Game”) from the standpoint of how men are expected to approach an interaction, and how women are expected to approach it as well.

Complicated? You bet. Good start can help. Ideas for the next 300 dates find in the book on this website. 

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One comment to “Male Confidence Meets Female Resistance”

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