My Dating Course gives you the latest updates on dating tips for single men, how to get a hot date, relationship advice, and more.

Let me ask you: what is the definition of dating?

Or: why is dating so important?

My definition is: Dating is a way to find a partner.

We all need partners to share Friday evening and Sunday morning,

Share a joy or split the sadness, Go to shopping or have a dinner.

This website is dedicated to those who want just that.

You may want to improve your social skills, Find your soul mate,

Go dating online, learn how to achieve lasting relationship, and perhaps-learn to cook for your date.

There are people, who seek to become alpha men,

Or just date enough partners in order to recognize the right one.

All those people have at least one thing in common – they got two choices:

  1. They can rely on their instinct, discuss the item with friends,
  2. Learn how to improve their skills and come closer to their goal.

May you get out of your comfort zone and Grab a new motto:


Yes, I am still single, but I will make it double.

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One comment to “About”
One comment to “About”

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