How To Get A Girlfriend You Always Wanted?


Success with women is always relative. You need to plan your goal in advance, and then plan out a road-map that will get you to that destination. Ask yourself: Do you want to date many women? Have sex with women? Find a steady partner? Find a woman to marry?

Starting with your goal firmly in mind is essential before you move forward. Be honest with yourself, too. Don’t go out there pretending to want a wife when you really just want to get laid and possibly have a short-term affair.

Once you’ve determined your goal, you set out to achieve it with measurable, achievable steps. The steps I promote are these:

1) Target and Engage: Get her phone number.
You need to Tease to Please her. With a planned approach, you tease her slightly, and then walk away with her phone number. (And, yes, it IS that easy.)

2) Contact her and set a “date”: Call her a few days later. (3-4 days). Then use the Tease to Please on her some more, and close for a date. Don’t settle for a weak commitment, either. Get it firm. It’s better to have her back out now than waste more of your time later on. There are too many fish in the sea to get caught up on one.

3) Meet her: Your first “date” is nothing more than getting together at a coffee shop so you can bust her chops and tease her some more, to see if she’s someone you could hang out with. You keep it short (no more than 45 minutes). And you spend no more than $5.00. You’ve got too many women to meet to waste your time on “potential.”

4) Re-contact: If the first meeting went well, you call her a few days later and setup something a little longer that will allow you to continue your seduction.

5) Meet her again: You move in more aggressively and go for your next goal: at least a kiss. If she doesn’t kiss you on this date, you’ve got a User on your hands. She’s the kind of gal who loves to date and get attention, but she’s not really into you. If you get the kiss, you progress to the next step.

6) Continue to meet with her until you meet your goal: Again, you’re systematically and confidently moving forward to the next step of getting more physically intimate with her.

Of course, if your goal is just to seduce a woman you’ve just met, maybe in a club or other location) than you need to amplify your attraction qualities, and move forward more aggressively with your progression. Be as brash and funny as you can. The more you convey that you’re a man who has something she wants, the more she’ll want you.

Confidence all along this continuum is of the utmost importance. You convey high self-confidence to a woman to impress upon her that you are a man worth knowing, and that she needs to find out what’s behind your mystery. You demonstrate self-confidence with your actions, and your words. Women respond to self-confidence like ants to a picnic, and that’s your mega-weapon for getting any lady you want.

These steps are only a basic outline, of course. If you want to go a step further, meet your couch in the following video and if you feel like breaking some stereotyping Рgo for it. It is really affordable.

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5 comments to “How To Get A Girlfriend You Always Wanted?”
5 comments to “How To Get A Girlfriend You Always Wanted?”

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