Dating courses – yes or no

have been single for a while and I know how intimidating it can be.

Some of us get lucky and find a person patient enough to lead us through the process.

 The other should consider the fabulous quote I read the other day:

“We can find more friends in two month by getting interested in other people, then for a whole year trying to get interested people in us.”

Meaning; find out what people, in our case the opposite sex, expect from you, what is important for them and where do you fit in all that.

There are people on-line who put some effort in putting together some dating courses and relationship issues. They don’t offer push-button solution, but you are going to be able to see a bigger picture, a picture from a different point of view. You will also have new themes for conversation with your partner and their respect for your effort to improve your relationship. Those people are asking money for their teaching, but they also offer a money-back guarantee. So, you can test it, and if you find it is not worth your money, just ask for a refund.

In this time next year you might not be alone. Or, just realize that you enrich your life with some new experiences. At all rate, there are two things you should take in consideration:

  1. No one has to know what you are up to, and
  2. You will know that you did try.

In closing; is it worth trying? We believe it is. The loneliness is heavy ballast. If you find yourself trapped in roundabout way, it is time for a change. On this website we handle a variety of topics, and we certainly hope we have listed your favorite one.

Good luck!




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