Connect and Commit


Are you tired of the dating game already – always seeing lots of different people but never managing to get a committed and fulfilling relationship from one?

Have you ever made a New Year resolution, and then completely forgot about it? It is easy, however, to make a decision, but it is much harder to implement, because every change in life requires strong will, motivation, and accurate idea of what exactly do you want to achieve, and how.

Outlining the crucial moves helps the man to get out of his comfort zone and bravely face a number of opening possibilities. Every change brings new choices, in front of which we might feel insecure. In order to avoid the paralysis of decision-making, we need to define some rules and procedures that will be followed. Maybe it’s a regular visit to the gym, healthy breakfast, or walking with friends every Saturday…

But, let’s back to our subject. Most of the single men are looking for a partner to start a family with, to make mutual decisions, to split the sorrow on two parts and multiple the happiness by three … I think we all agree that this is an important goal that deserves the commitment and engagement.

If you want to take your search for love to the next level and really discover what it takes to get a committed relationship or take your current relationship to the next level of commitment, then you need to take a look at what Amy Waterman have got to share with you!

This 330+ page course is divided into 3 parts, as well as over 4.5 hours of audio, and a whole host of bonuses that will take you several steps closer to realizing your dream of a committed and fulfilling relationship.

If you are serious about:

–              Learning some facts and figures about commitment

–              Understanding the stages of commitment

–              Discovering what commitment means to you and your partner

–              Knowing if this is the person you want to commit to

–              Getting the right mindset for commitment

–              Mastering the magic of romance

–              Knowing what to do when reality hits

–              Surviving the power struggle in your relationship

–              Deciding how and whether you should stick with the relationship

–              Choosing a conscious relationship


… then Amy’s “Connect And Commit” is going to change your love life, starting in this moment!

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Dating Tips For Singles

dating-tips-for-singlesAre you looking for dating tips for singles? Great, because I want to share some with you today! Do take note of what I have to say especially if you have your eyes on someone.

For a start it is important that you do not ignore the girl. Be ready for action, because women mostly don’t believe in second chances. Heard the proverb, “he who wants friends must first be friendly”? Go up to her and talk to her. Do everything you can to start a conversation and keep it going. By chatting with her, not only can you get to know her better but you are more likely to lower her defense mechanisms and she will be more open to getting to know you as well. Besides that benefit, you will also be able to decide whether the girl is your type of girl and whether you still want to continue dating her in the long run.

But while first impressions may count, it is important for you to also reveal to her your true self. What do I mean by that? Well, I do not encourage you to put on a facade if you manage to get subsequent dates with her. It is important that she accepts you for who you truly are. You cannot keep showing her a facade that seems so perfect. Doing that will only cause problems in future. Most girls are practical girls and so they are willing to accept men with flaws. Anyway you would not want materialistic or superficial girls or those who have extreme expectations about who they are dating.

With all that being said, I want to bring up this really important point that generally most women look for confidence in a man. If you feel that you lack confidence, I suggest you work on it. The easiest way to let your confidence shine is to walk up with her and start a conversation. Just talk to her like you would to another friend. It might seem tough, especially if you know that you like her and have feelings for her. If that’s the case then take a deep breath and put those feelings aside. Show her that you are a sincere man with no bad intentions. Just be yourself, like what I mentioned earlier.

There is one final tip I want to share; if you fancy receiving Dating tips for the next 12 month, here is your link. Make your move and hopefully, the next year can bring the wind of changes in your life.

I hope you have benefited from these dating tips for singles. I believe that if you be confident in yourself, you can get yourself a successful date. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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How to Talk to Women: Conversation Topics


Most guys would approach women more (and have more success in dating) if they felt more comfortable with talking to women. It can feel intimidating to talk to a person you hardly know, while deep in the back of your head you’re wondering how to ask her out, does she like you, will she ever want to sleep with you, etc. Sometimes the amount of things you wonder about women can be so overwhelming that it’s difficult to initiate a conversation.

The first step is to SLOW DOWN. You only need to worry about one thing at a time. The first thing you want to do is to make sure you’re totally relaxed for any conversation. If you talk too excitedly, you’ll come across as nervous. Slow your speech down so that you don’t hurry your words. If you appear relaxed and in control, you’ll come across with confidence, and she will find you more attractive.

Next, you should find a topic that meets the following criteria:
– Positive and uplifting
– Exciting to talk about
– Ending with an open-ended question, such as “Why?” or “How?”

By keeping the conversation upbeat and exciting, you’re making it worth her while to keep talking. By asking the open-ended questions, you are finding a way to keep her talking. If you pay attention, just by listening, you’ll hear her mention things that you can ask more questions about, and keep the conversation flowing.

Here are some examples of questions to ask her:
– “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Why?”
– “If you could be anyone in history, who would you choose to be? Why?”
– “If you could make a living doing any kind of work, what would that be? Why?”

By asking “What if” questions, you get her to think outside of her usual box. She’s used to dull topics. These questions get her thinking and dreaming. They get her mind working on possibilities.

Here are some things you should NOT talk about with her:
– Death, violence, or tragedy
– Her family
– Your money or how much you make
– Your plans for a family or marriage
– Sex (until she brings it up)
– Any negative topics
– Any information about you that is too revealing

Also, wait until much later to start talking about romantic goals with her. You don’t need to tell her all the reasons you’d make a great husband for her on the first date. Give it time. There is such thing as too much, too soon.

If you feel that you’re running out of steam and you can’t find any more topics, take a look at what she’s wearing. If she has any jewelry on, even a watch, ask her: “What’s the story behind that?” This could get her talking about herself, and you can keep asking more questions to keep it going.

Always remember: You want to keep the subject of the conversation on HER as much as possible. The more she can talk about herself, the more attraction she will feel for you. I encourage you to step in that interesting world of possibilities and read more about how You can talk to women too.

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Shy Guy

Easy to identify, yet probably difficult to define, conceptualize, and measure what does self-confidence mean?

One of the main requirements to success, happiness and reaching your goals is confidence. Having enough self-confidence will also be useful in just about every part of your life.

Let’s get straight to the point you were not born with self-confidence, that is, self-confidence is not something innate this can be taught, nurtured and built over the years, at any stage in life.

Confidence is the personal ownership of no one; the person who has it learns it and goes on learning.

Your degree of confidence is truly the outcome of how you perceive yourself – which is eventually how people will perceive you. How people interrelate and respond to you is a reflection of how you perceive yourself.

Therefore if you don’t have a high degree of self-confidence or a huge deal of self-esteem then it’s mostly because you are concentrating on your negative traits and on what you are doing wrong.

In other words, you are being your own worst enemy! The good thing is that you can alter this and improve your self-confidence.

The most talented person on earth has to build confidence in his talents from the foundation of faith and knowledge, like anybody else. The device will be different from one person to the other, but the necessary job is similar. Confidence and attitude are accessible to all of us according to our skills and requirements not somebody else’s as long as we make use of our talents and develop them.

Self-confidence is an approach which lets individuals have positive yet reasonable viewpoints of themselves and their conditions.

Self-confident people trust their own skills and abilities, have a general sense of influence in their lives, and believe that, within reason, they will be able to do what they desire, plan, and anticipate.

Having self-confidence does not necessarily mean that people will be able to do everything.

When we begin to feel lost or confused about various aspects of our lives, our first instinct is to search for direction. We feel sure that the answers we need are out there somewhere, and finding them will help us to know the right way to turn.

While seeking advice and guidance from others can be helpful at times, it is not always the best way to help ourselves. Rather than relying on someone else to tell us our truth, we can instead choose to look within and find the answers inside ourselves. Each of us has been given the gift of an inner adviser that will never steer us wrong.

This inner adviser is not pushy, however. He or she will not speak up unless we ask for help. When we finally open our hearts and minds to hear what our inner adviser has to say, the wisdom will begin to flow freely and our lives will begin to change for the better.

Overcoming the shyness can add a new quality to your emotional life. If you feel like you need Shy Guy Dating Guidance, go on and find one here.


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Social skills

businessplaceI want to share something with you that I didn’t really come to appreciate until just the last few years, and it has made ALL the difference in my social life. And it’s made me a more positive person and much less cynical and angry at the same time.

It’s going to sound pretty harsh when I first say this, but if you think about it for a second, and open up your mind to the possibility, you’re going to know what I’m saying is true.

It’s this: People play games with you.

Every day, and in very subtle ways.

Now, we all think of “playing games” as being a BAD thing. After all, guys feel like girls play games with them when it comes to romance. Women feel like guys are playing games with them.

And it all feels like some kind of mysterious conspiracy to keep us from being successful with the opposite sex, doesn’t it?

The fact is that playing social games is NORMAL.

Not only is this normal…

It’s absolutely NECESSARY.

If I were to just walk up to you on the street and say: “Hi, I’m George. I’m a man of my word, and I’m very trustable. I’d like to be a very close friend of yours, starting right now.” After you stopped looking at me like I’d just escaped from the local insane asylum, you’d probably say, “Yeah, whatever.” And then you’d walk away.

Well, if that’s not the way that we become good friends with another person, how DO we do it?

Well, we usually go through a process. This is called the “friendship” model of how we allow ourselves to get closer to someone. And it has 4 important steps;

STEP #1: Attention
This is where we get a person’s attention. For a guy, it might be going up and introducing himself to a girl. For a girl, it might be getting her friend to introduce her to a guy.
STEP #2: Connection
After you meet a new person, whether it’s for friendship or more, the next thing we need to do to create a friend is to find something in common. This is part of building a “connection.”
STEP #3: Commitment
This is the step where you get to take your connection to the next level. If you’re a guy trying to get a date with a woman, you’ll probably need to get some level of commitment from the woman, usually by getting her phone number so you can reconnect and move up to a date.
STEP #4: Action
Now that you’ve gotten them to commit to doing something with you, it’s time to make them take ACTION. Whether that’s to follow your plan – maybe a date, or just to show up, they have to DO something to make the connection real…

Now I’ve been talking about this concept in terms of creating a new girlfriend or boyfriend, but this is really applicable to ANY area of your life where you’re trying to create a “relationship” of some kind.

It could be a business relationship, between you and your boss…

It could be a romantic relationship between you and a lover…

It could be a sales relationship between you and possible client or customer…

Whatever the motive, we need to go through these steps to create something REAL between people.

If the games start to become negative, and we feel like we’re in over our heads, the only thing you can do sometimes is to grab on and hope that you can avoid getting “played” by these people. But very often, they are not people we can escape from. Sometimes we can’t get away from our boss, or we don’t want to throw our relationship with someone out the window just because we haven’t been able to figure out the game they’re playing and put an end to it.

I’m also here to tell you that these situations can be AVOIDED.

If you’d like to stop being “played” by the games people play – and learn how to take POSITIVE control so that you can start winning – without deception or manipulation, or sinking to their level – then you owe it to yourself to take a look at your Power Social Skills program.



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